About HiiT


HiiT INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, initiated by Govt registered organization, to conduct full/short term courses for the students in these far flung, rural & district areas of the country. It is only to make Information Technology as a basic knowledge to people of Rural & Urban area to participate in mass movement towards HiiT INDIA.

Today, with the advantage of Internet, E-mail services & E-commerce, information retrieval has come below within the reach of everyone. Information has become a key for taking many decisions in corporate world. Now a days computer has changed life style of every field, specially Banks, Airlines, Railway & Scientific/Research deptts. To give good momentum in making India as super power. IT education are so essential for all Indian or to bring rural area in this mission to make complete HiiT India. To make the mission more effective, HiiT decided to contribute their efforts for the HiiT INDIA.

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Program Objective

The objective of HiiT is to impart basic information about necessity of computer literacy in various field, with quality knowledge in very affordable fees with cost free course material to help a major aspirant along with SC/ST/ Handicapped with a special facilities to them to participate in making HiiT India. Also decided to associate every class of Indian to participate in Movement & enjoy the actual utilities of computer in very low cost. The Motto" IT LITERACY FOR ALL BY 2020 " Our Course Criteria for Long & Short term courses are launched after an initial deep survey to meet & fulfil all related requirement of students.

  • To provide professional education.
  • To improve efficiency & enhancement in IT knowledge.
  • To built a career for self employment.

Acquiring Focus

Any rural IT intervention, which also claims to become self sustainable, will have to grapple with hard realities prevailing at the ground level. The point of intervention have chosen carefully. Rather than focusing on Developed or software exporter cities and towns, the intervention should concentrate on block level, panchayat level & district level.

Training Methodology

IT Courses requires proper Guidance & Teaching procedure, which will be based on.

  • Regular Classes / Training.
  • Highly Qualified Instructor / Faculty.
  • Provide material for Lab.
  • Assist. / Self Study.
  • Counselor available at study centre to provide required guidance for selection of their courses and student's progress. ? Fully equipped computer lab for training..

As per different national language used in school & colleges, course materials will be provided in English to cover maximum benefits to students . Basically the entire course materials are designed in English for state in the English region, and Hindi course material for other states and regional language..

Other Available Facilities

To make the project more popular & effective HiiT is taking assistance from other trust as well as Government Organisation for propagating the project. The training programmes will be implemented in district, tehsil and block levels through authorised study centres & supervised by Corporate Office situated at Uttar Pradesh.

Eligibility Criteria

As the project mainly aims at creating computer awareness among the people, there is neither age nor qualification restrictions. Any aspirant for school students to executives, employees, housewives and all who would like to give their future a new turn can apply for this programme. Admission will be strictly on first-come-first-serve bases. HiiT INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Admission Procedure

To utilized this golden opportunity, you have to fill the application form provide along with this prospectus. It is to be noted that a student though buying a prospectus from our ASC, can enrol in any of our HiiT-ASC criteria namely"HiiT" of which, the HiiT provides advanced/ regular courses . The description, ASC code and ASC name are to be specified in the application at the time of admission. These details can be obtained from ASC or paper notification or through student prospectus. Total fee (as per structure mentioned in criteria) has to be paid at the time of enrollment. Student has to clearly mention the course name as per the application form while filling the same. Once the registration is confirmed at Head Office, only upgradation in course shall be entertained and not otherwise.

Criteria for Registration & Fee

Admission fee of courses has to be paid at the time of registration only (mentioned in course fee structure, no fees, other than that has to be deposited by student). The applicant shall pay the fee only by crossed D.D. in favour "HiiT INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ". If the student pay the fee in cash or in any other mode, HiiT shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for non completion of the course or for any other reason of whatsoever nature. Course material, ID Card & registration No. will also be dependent on your Payment.

Registration Form Submission

  • It is clearly mentioned in form that student has to fill in block letters by his / her writing & submitted to our authorised study centre or send directly to H.O by registered post to get better & fast facilities.
  • All previous Academic Certificate &Birth Date proof ( in Xerox ) should be enclosed along with completed Registration Form.
  • One Passport size & one Stamp size photo graphs are required.

General Information

  • The Prospectus must be read carefully & filled all information by own hand writing of Student in capital, otherwise application will be rejected. ( Rules & Regulations ).
  • Fee have to be deposited in form of D.D only at our authorised study centre, as per the instruction given in the prospectus.
  • No fees other than that mentioned in the booklets have to be deposited by the student. Fees once paid will not be refunded / transfered under any circumstances.
  • In all matter concerning examination dates, class starting & results of students, the HiiT's decision shall be final and binding. Any changes in any policy or fees or course structure will be intimated from time to time.
  • For selection into a course, counselling will be held at the Study Centres. Selection of students will be on the basis of marks obtained in the qualifying exams and performance in the interviews.
  • Within one after selection , the selected candidates will have to appear at the study centre of their choice with the confirm his / her selection ( if candidate under SC/ST / Handicapped, produce all support documents.).
  • Certificate of academic qualification.
  • Certificate of SC/ST , if applicable.
  • Certificate of residence proof in rural areas.
  • Certificate of physical handicapped.


  • Selected students have to deposit the Registration fees & Tuition fee at their respective authorised study centres as mentioned in the fee deposition against each course in course fee criteria.
  • For Instalments courses, Monthly Installment fees have to be deposited before the 10th of every month falling which a late fee of Rs.150 extra per month will be charged.
  • In the case of failure in depositing fees regularly, the registration of student will be cancelled. If the student drops out from the course midterm, then his / her registration is liable for cancellation without refund of the earlier deposited fees.
  • Student registration is valid for a period of course completion.

Course / Examination Medium

English or Hindi can be chosen as the medium of Course/Examination. Support Course Material can also be provided in English languages as well as theory classes will be also conducted in same.

Examination Details

Examination will be held in different parts like class test, semester examination, where class will be conducted by ASC and Semester examination will be conducted by H.O. The certificate & final marksheet will be based on these examinations. A student has to secure at least 40 % marks in each to qualify the Semester examination and eligible for next examination. If any student does not clear his/her semister exams in one attempt will be given one more chance to pass out the exam with fine of Rs. 500/-. However, if any student remains absent in examination for whatever reason has to pay Rs. 1000/- as penalty ........ Certificate awarded to student will be based on the overall performance in Semester and final examinations. Student should have note thatthe certificate will be provided, is based on the data furnished by them in their application form. Hence , they are to very careful in filling the data. For any mistake in student's or gaurdian's name in the certificate, as per the students application Head office is responsible other than for rectification will be charged Rs. 1000/- for the reissue of the same. In case a student loses certificate, the same can be reissued on submitting the photocopy of ID card or registration card attested by Our Authorised Centre Director along with Rs. 1000/- to Head Office..

Counselling Session

Counselling session will be conducted at the authorised study centres establish contact between students and their faculties. The topics for discussion during these sessions will generally be those problems which cannot be solved by other means. Though attendance at these sessions is compulsory, it would definitely be advantageous for the students. Specialists in this field will help students to face and solve their difficult problems during these sessions.

Academic Rules

  • Irrespective of age and position, the student is expected to maintain appropriate relations with the management and staff.
  • The student when asked to meet the management with parent/guardian, should follow the instructions strictly.
  • The management takes every measure for the good career of the student for which the student's co-operation is expected.
  • The student should attend all the theory and lab classes regularly. A student remaining absent for more than 30 consecutive classes without information, shall cases a student has to take readmission. In such cases a student has to take readmission by paying a fine of Rs. 350/-
  • Proper discipline has to be maintained within the AEC premises. A student found misbehaving will be restricted from attending the classes.

Important Note

  • This prospectus is not returnable under any circumstances.
  • Though the prospectus is purchased from one place, submission and enroll ment can be done at any of our Authorised Study Centres nationwide.
  • Verify the authorisations of the centre by "Authorisation Certificate" issued to the centre by H.O. before submitting the application form.
  • The prospectus is valid for a period of 30 days only from the date of purchase. enrollment after the specific period on the application form of this prospectus shall not be entertained.
  • All payments should be made in the form of Demand Draft only. Cash payment will not be accepted in any circumstances except for the purchase Prospectus.
  • Fees once paid will not be refunded / transferred under any circumstances.